November 12, 2008

Wednesday afternoon.....

Today's Wonderful Wednesday, part 2:

After eating a few too many mini-muffins and finishing off a few minor projects I headed over to Daughter's house to do a little Mimi-ing. Oldest Granddaughter needed some help today with a project for her 8th grade Social Studies class. They're studying the Constitution, and somehow the teacher made some kind of connection between baking cookies and how the Constitution works (???) so each group needs to bring 3 dozen homemade cookies on Friday for a cookie exchange. Of course Granddaughter has inherited the "foodie" gene that is so dominant in our family and volunteered to bring the cookies for her group.

If the cookies are creative you get extra credit.... sooooo......look what we made!!
HOT DOG COOKIES!!! Here's the cookbook photo of what she wanted to make (yes, those are really cookies!)

They actually were incredibly easy, but would they turn out looking anything like the photo?

They flattened out a little more than the ones in the picture but don't they look great?!! A little frosting "ketchup and mustard" and some sugar crystal "relish" and we think they turned out GREAT!
I think a whole class of 8th graders will be impressed, too. And surely these deserve extra credit for creativity.......

(another wonderful Wednesday for is good.)

Back to the old grind tomorrow.....


pipnmillycreations said...

They look fantastic! Well done!

enithhernandez said...

they still look great Nicky, what an awesome idea!