November 8, 2008

old toys, new fun!

During the recent restoration of our home due to our flooding situation, our insurance company had all of our downstairs belongings and furniture packed up and put into storage, for what turned out to be 8 whole weeks! This included a good portion of 3 & 4 yr.old's toys. As the whole ordeal dragged on and on with no end in sight, I dug out some of the toys I'd saved from when my 3 kids were little. I wish I'd thought of it sooner! These toys were a big hit! There was a marble racetrack that was built and rebuilt many,many times. And this whole set, which was a favorite of my two boys.

It includes an appliqued play mat made by my Mother-in-Law, some 25 years or so ago.

I missed getting a picture of my 33 yr.old son on the floor playing along with his own 2 little ones! But I did overhear someone say "Daddy! We sure do love your toys!".

Much to my surprise, this was the biggest hit with everyone! A set of Felt Dolls with wardrobe that belonged to my daughter. I used to make sets of these for her to give as birthday gifts back in the late 70's.

Well, the three youngest grandkids just went nuts over them! Who would have thought that in 2008, in a world of DVD's, video games, and all things electronic, that this would be so exciting to 8, 4, and 3 yr.old! They requested new dolls and more outfits, especially for the boys. They had new ideas of their own for pets, shoes and even wigs, so they could change the hair with the outfits. Soooo.... even though I am WAY behind on all my other projects, who could resist a request like that! Here's what we came up with:

What an enjoyable way to talk about old memories and make some new ones at the same time! (Could this be considered recycling???)

I have a few more boxes still packed away with more undiscovered "treasure". On the next rainy day around here, we just might have to see what's inside! I can't wait.......


Anonymous said...

I love the fuzzy felt creations! We have been looking for a set for our daughter for years and had to get one sent from England in the end! We found one set here this year, but I love the idea of making my own. Did you use a combination of felt and fabric? Many thanks for the inspiration!

luv2knit said...

Wow!! Talk about a blast from the past! Those playmobil toys rock!! I remember playing with those for hours on end at my daycare when I was a young girl, I am 29 now. Played with them and watched The Neverending Story. Way back in like 1983 or something!! A treasure for sure, your grandkids are very lucky!! Nice felt dolls too, that is a great idea for Christmas!! Oh, my name is Stacey, I am a fellow Sew Craft Blog Group #2 member, nice to meet you :)

Anonymous said...

Hello again Nicki
I am in Group 2 on Sew Craft Blog, welcome!
I found a variety pack of felt at Michaels today and am all set to start making some new pieces for my girls!
All the best

Anonymous said...

how awesome!

i love the little felt dolls.