July 25, 2010

another Birthday...OR...another reason to feel old!

Today is Oldest Son's 35th Birthday (oh, no! my SECOND child is now 35!! Yikes!!)

So what does a mother give to her son, born in 1975? Star Wars pancake molds, of course!

(ignore the ridiculous face... he's been making that face just for photos since he was 9 years old....obviously some things NEVER change!)

Son has been teaching 5 yr. old Grandson all about Star Wars for the past year, watching the original movies together and collecting new action figures and vehicles, so the pancakes were a big hit....

Grandson said they taste better than "regular" pancakes!

I also made Oldest Son a new apron from a cigar-themed fabric that he thought was really cool.

We went to Sunday Brunch at his favorite mexican restaurant that he hadn't been to for several years. He actually was a waiter there back his college days about 18 years ago, so he had lots of memories to talk about.......

Oldest Son & his kids

Oldest Son & Me

I sure do wish my kids would quit having birthdays already!!! It sure would help ME to stop feeling so old........