November 24, 2008

Mommy/Grandmommy & Me Apron Swap (part 2)

Look at us! We're a Gingerbread Family!!

I love how perfect Lucy's aprons are in their simplicity. Brown "gingerbread" with lace trim "frosting". Simple, yet it perfectly gives the idea of gingerbread!

Even though I only signed up myself and the 2 littlest grandkids, when Lucy saw the picture of the 2 older girls she says she knew she needed to include them, too. Thank You Lucy! (A Mother of 5 would certainly want to include everyone!!)
Grandson was thrilled with his "tool apron". He put a tape measure in the pocket and proceeded to measure anything and anyone that would stand still long enough.
Each of Lucy's daughters wrote a personal note to my sweet. Also included in our exciting package was an "I Spy" book for the kids and a wonderful cookbook with recipes from the 20's, 30's and 40's (homestyle cooking, my favorite!)
And look at this! This just might be my favorite part......this criss-cross back is the best thing ever!
It's so much more comfortable than a neck loop and makes the apron completely adjustable to any size. Even my adult son commented on what a good idea that was and that I should incorporate it into my aprons.......
Well Lucy, you really hit the mark with your entire package! Thank you a hundred times over from my family to yours..........

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