November 15, 2008

Hot Drinks for Hot Mamas Apron Swap (received)

Well, Maudina Piper is obviously a detail person!! Look what she made for me for the "Hot Drinks for Hot Mamas" apron swap! (you can read the swap details here).
I mentioned that I love the color purple and my hot drink of choice is very strong black coffee. This is a very purple apron and just look at this cute little coffee cup guy.....
One thing I didn't happen to mention is how fond I am of applique myself and how much I love whimsy, especially involving food or inanimate objects( check this out, and this), and yet she got that right, too!
And check out these details. Such a unique waistband:
and even the ends of the ties!:
some fun extras:
She included some yummy cocoa powder coffee topping (I used it already for dessert tonight)
and here is the really amazing detail work.......a scissors fob, completely handstitched down to the last detail........

The folding scissors fit into a little pocket on the back.

She's so cute I can hardly stand it! Maudina, your handwork is fabulous! You've gone above and beyond with your package! Thank You for making my, make that my whole week!!

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Anonymous said...

That is lovely - and nice to see that it was received by someone who appreciates the work involved and the attention to detail.

On a side note, I bought some felt and am ready to go!