November 28, 2008

Family Thanksgiving #2: Friday

Friday: Dinner at our house
Guests: Daughter-in-law's family
Today Oldest Son is cooking. Sheriff's Detective by day, wannabe Chef by night, there's never anything traditional about his menus. The more involved a recipe is and the more ingredients the better......
Another turkey, this one was brined, injected, rubbed, and roasted.
a butternut squash, apple, onion, and blue cheese galette.
A broccoli dish, with yogurt, blue cheese dressing, ramen noodles, and lots of cheese.
Homemade potato crescents
our guests brought delicious desserts
we played board games
8 adults, 5 kids
even more reason to be thankful....more good food than we can possibly eat, good conversation with family and friends, and just comfortable time spent with people whose company you enjoy......

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