October 4, 2008

Home Sweet Home

We moved back home on Thursday, 18 days after our "flood". We spent a full 2 weeks living at the Marriott.

This has been SUCH a learning experience!! After hearing horror stories from many, many people about similar situations, we were prepared to do battle with our insurance company and expected resistance at every turn......and OH, THE IRONY!!! While we were busy "keeping an eye" on our insurance company so they wouldn't mistreat us, the construction company doing all the repair work was price gouging us and cheating us at every turn!! And who alerted us to this initially? Our insurance adjuster! Our insurance company, Wawaneesa, couldn't have been more helpful and generous.........

So, we fired the construction company and moved back home to take care of the rest ourselves. With the money we have left, before the contractor could steal it all, we are getting new carpet, vinyl flooring, and some new appliances (hello, new double oven!) AND getting the old mold damage repaired. That was the ONLY thing insurance wouldn't cover, but we're making it work anyway!

Here's what we're living with for the next few weeks:

We'll just do most of our living upstairs until our home is as good as new....actually, it will be EVEN BETTER THAN BEFORE!!

I'm just really glad to be back home and back to my old routine..........

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