October 20, 2008

High praise indeed!

I love salads. I've developed quite a nice collection of salad recipes, mostly my own creations. Most of them are of the lettuce/greens variety and I also make my own dressings most of the time.

At most of our family gatherings, I am the one who brings the salad.

At home, I often make a whole meal out of a salad of some sort.

For wedding gifts I like to put together a gift set of a salad spinner, salad dressing cruet and a homemade cookbooklet of some of the recipes I use most often............

Tonight, Daughter's family was here for dinner. I made one of everyones favorites:

mixed greens & cilantro
chopped tomatoes
chopped avocado
grated cheddar cheese
crunched-up tortilla chips
dressing: 3/4 ranch-1/4 salsa mixed together

All the grandkids were eating outside on the patio. Grandson (3 1/2) called out to me "Mimi, can I have some more of that really good salad!?" When I stepped outside with the salad bowl he said in his loud little voice "Mimi, you are the salad-iest girl in the whole wide world!" .....I tell you, that boy is something else! He is always ready with a compliment and his sweet little heart tries so hard to let you know how much he loves you whenever he can.
High praise indeed from a picky 3 yr.old! He's going to make someone a great husband someday!

I think we'll keep him.

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Kathi D said...

Oh! He looks so precious! Who doesn't love a boy full of compliments? You need to have him cloned!