October 24, 2008

taking things for granted

WOO HOO!!! We have hot water! YAY!

10 full days without hot water........talk about taking things for granted! At least we still had running water.... cold running water. But I think having no hot water is one of the worst minor inconveniences in our modern world.

For me, no more getting up in the dark at 5:15 to drive to Daughter's house to take a stealth shower, trying not to wake anyone up in the process.

For Son & family, no more inconveniencing Daughter's family with our inconvenience, taking tired, cranky kids to shower at her house in the evening before bed.

No more heating water in the microwave just to wash the dirty silverware and glasses piling up the kitchen.

note to self: never, ever again will I take for granted the ease with which we turn on the faucet and get whatever temperature water we desire....clean, fresh water for laundry, dishes or our bodies. We are so fortunate!!

Shan, I can't thank you enough for moving only 2 miles away so we would have somewhere to shower and sleep and cook and sew and play and just hang out during our exile from home and our flood aftermath that just seems to drag on and on.......just one more reason why I'm sure your move was the right thing!

What would we have done without you guys these last 6 weeks?

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