October 5, 2008

silver linings.......

Since I know that all things happen for a reason, I always try to find something positive in any unpleasant situation. Our recent flood and all that came after it actually caused a positive situation in the sewing part of my life! I managed to sew my flannel stash down to zero!! And just in time....I think flannel is on sale at JOANN this week!!! (....."she says as her fabric addiction rears it's ugly head")

Even though I was able to feed my sewing need during our 'exile' from home, since I was taking up space in Daughter's living room I kept things to a minimum: nothing that needed much cutting or a pattern or lots of supplies. I was able to finish the pile of my "famous" flannel blankets that I usually put off in favor of aprons or something for the grandkids.
Many years ago I made a flannel blanket for baby gift, using one yard for each side, and got such great feedback that it became my "usual". I can't tell you how many I've made by now! They sew up very quickly and everyone loves them! I regularly get requests for them but keep putting them on the back burner.

(two sets for my friend who is expecting triplets this week!)

And flannel patterns are so beautiful now! They used to have mostly baby designs and now you can find ANYTHING printed on flannel (see here).

My two sided blanket has proved to be the perfect project for teaching beginning sewers, too(see here and here). All my grandaughters have learned to sew this way and we now make them for several organizations that give blankets to children in crises: Binky Patrol and Project Linus. The girls not only have learned to sew, but are learning to help others at the same time.

I had such nice patterns in my stash that I decided to make some 2 yd. long blankets and have posted them in my ETSY shop to see what happens.

I've also been finding flannels that match the personalities of friends and family so instead of more aprons for Christmas gifts, some will be getting lap blankets! I found a really cute "office items" print (here) with cute computers, desks, etc. that is going to be perfect for my co-worker. (She told me that she keeps fighting with her one yr.old daughter over the one I made for her, so I think she needs her own!)

I saw LOTS of lovely Christmas flannel this week, so of course my wheels are turning again! I can't wait to get my hands on some of that! After all, I do have a big empty space on my fabric shelf now.....

All in all, what a wonderful feeling of accomplishment I'm experiencing in the midst of a very stressful situation.

I love seeing those silver linings..........