April 20, 2008

Family Time.....

This weekend we had a mini family reunion/house warming. My sister and her family were in town from Seattle and my daughter has a new home everyone wanted to see, so we combined the two happenings into one.....

We always have a potluck and as usual there was WAY too much food, especially desserts:

We played "Family Bingo". I made up game cards using pictures of all 34 of us:

My niece, a teacher at a school for the deaf in Puerto Rico, couldn't be with us but she sent along a coconut for the kids to have fun opening:

There was much talking, laughing, writing communal letters to those far away, and enjoyment of those with new accomplishments:

....and six young cousins that only get to see each other once a year, picked up right where they left off, having a wonderful time together, and were SO excited by an impromptu sleepover they weren't expecting!

We all had a wonderful, unforgetable time together and missed all of you family members that couldn't be there. (wait until you hear Caitlin on the guitar, singing the song she wrote!!)

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cambria said...

Family Bingo is such a fun idea!! What a great way to include all the family members who aren't able to be there in person :-) Fun to see all the cousins as they grow up!!!