April 16, 2008

Extreme Room Makeover: $100.00 edition

A few weeks ago I decided to make over my room.

In the home I share with my son & his family, my room, my personal space, is the very large bonus room upstairs. It's the size of a studio apartment (minus a kitchenette). I love my room. I have it exactly the way I like it. BUT...suddenly the walls were just too white and boring!

I love watercolors. I love shades of purple mixed with blue. I have bedding that I've had for a few years that I'm still very fond of, shades of purple, blue, aqua, green.

On Monday,I brought home 12 different paint samples, all in shades of aqua & turquoise and taped them on my wall. I stared at them for 4 days, eliminating them one by one.

On Wednesday I went to the fabric store and bought these two fabrics.
(Are you thinking watercolors?)

On Thursday I sewed covers for the couch cushions.

On Friday I bought a gallon of "Spaqua" Who gets paid to sit around all day and think up names for colors of paint? What are the job qualifications? (How do I get a job like that?)

Saturday morning, 9:00 a.m.,I prepped the walls and started painting.

I painted only two walls, meeting in the corner behind my headboard, which is on an angle. Painting, cleanup and moving furniture was done by 4:oo p.m
I love my new room!..... I feel like I'm living in a Monet painting.

WHITE SOFA SLIPCOVER (that hasn't arrived yet..)= $59.00
Let's see you beat that, Ty Pennington!

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Gretchen said...

Came here via the Sassy Apron Swap blog.

Love the "cheap" makeover! A gallon of paint makes everything better.