April 4, 2008

Mimi's Sewing Class

Last October I spent a Saturday teaching the 3 oldest grandaughters to sew. I'm so thrilled that all three girls are interested (so far!) in carrying on the family tradition (we are a family with many sewers/crafters)...I had each girl select two flannels, 1 yd. of each. The finished blanket is big enough for a snuggle/lap quilt and they were so pleased they accomplished them themselves! The project taught them the following: fabric shopping, pinning, straight stitching, trimming corners, turning inside out, IRONING, edge stitching. A lot of lessons packed into one little project! Look at 7 yr. old Abbey's face as she delcared "I made it myself!".

Stay tuned for Mimi's Sewing Class #2.....
we're going to make purses!

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