April 2, 2008

Personal Chef?

I've dreamed of being a Personal Chef for quite a few years now. Even before it was hugely popular, back when no one had heard of such a thing, I dreamed of being brave enough to quit my job and spend my days menu planning, grocery shopping, and cooking all day. I followed websites about personal chefs, read every article I could find, made a business plan, and wondered how I could pull it off.

Well, 8 years later, I know that a Personal Chef business is not going to happen for me, but that doesn't stop me from "Personal Chef-ing" for various friends of mine as often as possible! I have one friend who is dealing with chemo treatments, another who works ridiculous hours and lives on fast food, and an office full of co-workers who will eat just about anything offered to them!!! All these wonderful friends allow me to fulfill MY need to share my cooking and try new recipes.

Here's part of yesterday's menu:

caramelized onions for FRENCH ONION SOUP


I also made Fiesta Chicken Soup, chocolate chip shortbread, sugar-free granola, and sugar-free pecan shortbread.

packaged, labeled, and divided 3 ways into (recycled) gift bags. (yes, those are baby shower gift bags...)

MISSION ACCOMPLISHED: needs fulfilled for 3 friends....and ME!

1 comment:

Lucy said...

How sweet. I would let you be my personal chef! That looks like so much fun. I love the bread!