April 27, 2008

feeling happy and productive

My weekend was busy, busy! The good kind of busy (see previous post). I got a lot accomplished.

Besides all the time with Grandkids, I had plenty of sewing time and actually needed to go fabric shopping for an order (really!)
I finished an order for two aprons for a pre-school:

I finished an order for 3 aprons for a church kitchen:

All of these aprons were rather utilitarian, so I now feel the need to do something more creative in the next few days. Time to get out the fabric stash and come up with something new and different. (I can feel my brain already heading in that direction....probably won't be able to sleep tonight!)

My creative cooking need kicked into gear today, too. I took the leftover CHILE VERDE I made on Friday night and created these CHILE VERDE ENCHILADAS. They were delicious! (now if can just remember how I made them...I never seem to write these recipes down)
I also found time to make a list of things to get done this week:
"Open Etsy Shop"
"Organize fabric/sewing stuff onto new shelves in garage"
"Sew matching sundresses for grandaughters #3 and #4"
A HAPPY AND PRODUCTIVE WEEKEND....(is it Monday already??)

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