October 31, 2009

still trying to get in the mood.....

I mentioned a few posts ago that I was feeling apron-y again after a lengthy down period...WELL,...false alarm, I guess. I don't know whether it's just the weather or hormones or burn-out or all of the above, but I AM TIRED OF FEELING BLAH! I keep coming up with ideas, thought, for Christmas gifts and such. My list is getting longer than I will ever have enough time for, so I'm trying to (to quote an old friend of mine) "Act better than you feel".......

To make matters worse, I'm sharing a table with Daughter at a Craft Fair next weekend and I don't feel like I'm going to be ready....AAACKK!! ....act better than you feel....act better than you feel....

So I am attempting to complete the following this weekend, NO MATTER WHAT!

*4 adult Christmas aprons
*4 child Christmas aprons
*print new apron brochures & business cards
*make apron inventory list for craft fair
*complete a simple fabric covered basket that will be filled with 5 small purchased stuffed dogs for Granddaughter #4's 6th birthday this week

OK...enough stalling here....I'm going to get busy right now!

I'll leave you with a show-and-tell of the few items I managed to get done since mid-Sept:
2 new sewing machine covers

2 flannel lap blankets for a wedding gift

3 grocery tote bags made from kitchen towels from the Dollar Store

2 no-sew totes made from bandanas

Composition notebooks bought on sale at the beginning of school and a few fat quarters = fabric covered notebooks/journals

and a requested Puppet Theater......(really just a curtain on a spring-loaded rod to fit in a doorway, but it works perfectly!

Hopefully there'll be much more to follow soon!

1 comment:

Kathi D said...

No wonder you're tired! You never rest! Wow!

If you're anything like me, you'll get all that done in a last-minute frenzy. I seem to get the most done out of extreme necessity.