October 4, 2009

enough already with the hot weather!

Here it is October and we've still been having having 90 degree days here in So. Calif. What kind of Fall weather is that!! I'm ready for sweaters and rain and morning frost and hot soups!!

So.....to try and get into an Autumn kind of mood, and with a LOT of wishful thinking....look what I made this morning from the newest Food Network Magazine:

I made the dough last night so it could chill overnight in the fridge and then cut them out and fried them this morning

I dipped them in a cider glaze and then in cinnamon-sugar.

OH MY GOSH.... these were extra delicious!

Well my plan obviously worked....just look at this photo taken a little later in the day.....notice anything?

JACKETS! We all had to wear sweaters & jackets today because it was sunny and windy and 66 degrees!!

Please, please, please, let the weather stay this way because I'm getting out my soup pot tomorrow.......

Who's ready for Potato Ham Chowder and homemade Cheese Bread? Anyone?


Shannon said...


Kathi D said...

Mmmmmmmmmm ... Donuts!!

It's chilly up here north of you--perfect Fall weather. I made cassoulet for dinner.

Shannon said...

but mimi...u made us put on jackets...
-Your Favorite Grandaughter