October 17, 2009

feeling apron-y again

The last few months or so I've been struggling with a little apron burn-out. After 2 years of concentrating most of my sewing time on them, I just didn't feel the apron spark like I used to. I even gave about 50 % of my fabric stash to Daughter to use for her newfound obsession with quilting and tote-bag-making.

Then, in the last 2 weeks I could feel the old familiar creative stirrings acting up and found myself happily making aprons again......AND THEN I MADE MY 50th ETSY SALE!! WOW!! I couldn't believe it! I hadn't really paid attention to that little number on the sidebar of my ETSY shop and then suddenly I noticed that it hit 50! That really lit a fire under me and my sewing machine....very encouraging!

I wish I had kept track of the total number of aprons I've made in the last 2 years, all the gifts, donations, and give aways.....Daughter pointed out that I take pictures of each one and why don't I just go back and count them all up?...well.....maybe someday when I'm feeling ambitious.....that will require a good chunk of time that could be better spent making more aprons!! (see, I told you I was in the mood again)

This is 2 weeks worth of sewing:

reversible leopard/tiger for a frend's 9 year old Granddaughter

A custom ETSY order: wasabi-green sushi

3 Autumn/Thanksgiving/Holiday for the ETSY shop:

for the shop, just because I like the fabric:

and wedding gifts for a 25 yr. old cousin and her new composer husband:

Today I'm working on a line of 7 Mens aprons for an upcoming Craft Fair. I can really put these together quickly, since for men it's all about the fabric. No fancy embellishments or trims, just your basic apron with pocket.

It sure is good to be feeling apron-y again!......feeling guilty about my fabric stash just sitting there unused was giving me a headache!

Here's to aiming for 100 ETSY sales!....I mean, why not? I never dreamed I'd even hit 50!

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thewinkingfrog said...

Love those fabrics!
Congratulations on all the sales.