October 20, 2009

Soup Du Jour #3 & #4

Soup #3
The fact that the weather was back to 92 degrees this weekend did not deter me from my Soup-making frenzy!
The family was away for the weekend, leaving me with the house to myself, so on Friday I decided to make some "What's-in-the-Cupboard?" Soup The rule is, no going to the grocery store, just use what you have on hand. A good way to clean out the fridge and pantry....
In the fridge:
side note: Seriously, is there anything better than a Costco Chicken? I mean, for the price and convenience you can't beat it! And those are good size birds, too! My Chef Son gets annoyed with me when I buy them instead of making them myself ("Mom,it's just so easy to do it yourself"), but I've tried, and I honestly can't get as good a result. I can get at least 3 meals out of one chicken and half the time I use the carcass for making stock, so I really get my money's worth, so there, Son! KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK COSTCO!
from the pantry:
from the crisper and herb garden:
Boy this was tasty, even in the 90plus degree weather! (I remain hopeful that winter will really get here!) And it was even better the next day for breakfast.
There was still plenty left for the Fam when they got home, too.
Soup #4
While I was looking for ingredients for Soup #3, I found a ham bone in the freezer. "Bone" is not really true, there was a lot of meat on there, too. With some herbs from the garden and a little more help from the pantry and crisper I had a pot of Navy Bean soup ready when the Family got home on Sunday.

even the little ones ate this one (no visible vegetables!)

A little dessert from the pantry, too....cake mix cookies.

I wonder just how many meals I could come up with without going to the grocery store? Hmmmmmmm........a worthy and frugal goal, I think. We'll just see........

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Kathi D said...

Mmmmmmm, you are making me hungry with these soups! I'm hoping for some more good Fall chill, too.