October 11, 2009

more benefits of a two family household

Living with Son & family in our 3 generation household has certain benefits. Some of them are obvious, like the financial ones, and getting to be part of the Grandkids daily lives, and not having to do much yard work (hee, hee...I HATE yardwork!) But some of the benefits are a little more subtle, like having access to food that I wouldn't ordinarily fix for myself......

Today my Sunday is going exactly as I like it.....nothing is expected of me today from anyone else so I have plenty of time to catch up on my sewing projects and watch a stack of movies that I've been wanting to see....MEANWHILE....downstairs, Son & Family have a house full of friends over to watch football and eat snacks!
Now, I don't care anything at all about football, but I do care about football FOOD! Son has been in the kitchen all morning stirring up all kinds of fabulous smelling things (the smell seems to collect at the top of the stairs right outside my room) and I know his friends always bring snacks to share, too.
Let's just take a little stroll down there and see what's going on, shall we?
AH HA!! Just as I suspected....lots and lots of deliciousness...

we have Velveeta Cheeseburger dip and Cream Cheese w/Salsa

Little Smokies in grape jelly sauce

two kinds of wings: BBQ and Buffalo

and Cupcakes with sprinkles

....and what do we have here? A cooler in the family room? What could be in here?

of course, football beverages!

And apparently, football watching has changed since I was a child....now with Fantasy Football Leagues all over the place you have to bring your laptop with you so you can monitor things as the game progresses...football seems too complicated to me anyway, and now this!!

Well...that's about all the football stuff I can take. My snacks and I are going back upstairs to the "Studio".....

AHHHH.....the perfect Sunday afternoon.....my sewing machine, several movies to watch, and a plate of yummy snacks....


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