November 10, 2009

my "dull and boring" life.....

Every so often on a Monday morning, when I'm asked how my weekend went and I reply with the usual "sewing, cooking and Grandkids", I get the response: "That's all? Again?....Don't you ever want to have more of a social life and get out and do things with people? (translation: have a date?)

Are you kidding me? Where would I squeeze in time for anything (or anyone) else? As a longtime single Mimi to 5 busy Grandkids, 2 that live in the same house with me and 3 that are only 2 miles away, when would I find the time? I may once have suffered an empty nest a long time ago (my "baby" turns 29 this month!), but does this nest sound empty to you?......

#1 runs Cross-Country with the Freshman team at the High School

#2 has taken dance lessons for 7 years and is currently taking Contemporary and Hip-Hop at a nearby Dance Studio. Her hip-hop team just performed for the opening of the new Michael Jackson movie at our local movie theater.

#3 is playing soccer

#4 just started Gymnastics and is crazy about it! Her Mother has to drag her out of there when her session is over!

#5 is playing his first year of T-ball
With games and meets and performances and helping to drive to practices when some of these things overlap, I barely have time to sew aprons or make soup!
Some of these activities are finishing up this week but I'm sure new ones will be starting up any day now......
Empty Nest? HA!!.....(and I wouldn't have it any other way)

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Kathi D said...

Hey! I specialize in dull and boring, and I love it!