November 28, 2009

Poncho Snuggie? Woobie Poncho? un-Snuggie?

We're trying to come up with a name for my newest creation: my version of the "Snuggie".

With the Holiday Weekend sale at JOANN and a 20% off coupon I got this fleece for only $2.00 a yard! Each "snuggie" only took me 20 minutes to make, with minimal sewing, and I suppose you could leave all the edges unfinished if you wanted to, since fleece is easy like that.

Granddaughter is exactly 1 yard tall from the shoulder to the floor and Grandson only 1 inch shorter so these were super easy. Also, they were 1 yard from wrist to wrist, so each snuggie is 2 yards long by 1 yard wide (minus 2 inches for Grandson).I have a nice piece leftover (2 yds x 21 inches) for a couple of scarves or some doll blankets, or a fleece beannie.

I cut a 5 inch wide hole for the neck, cutting an opening a few inches down the front. I folded under the edge and zig-zagged all around. I made a fastener with a doubled piece of ribbon and a piece of velcro.

Starting at the bottom, I sewed up the sides, leaving plenty of opening for a roomy armhole. I also folded under the edge of the armhole and zigzagged around it.

I left the hem unfinished ......VOILA!! 20 minutes and $4.00 for a yet-to-be-named cuddly garment that has been worn all day so far! First this morning, like a robe, over p.j.'s and then all the rest of the day over their clothes since it's a chilly, rainy day here FINALLY in So. Cal!

Name suggestions? Anyone? ........

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