December 6, 2009

A Legacy

When my kids were growing up in the late 70's/early 80's,they spent a lot of time with my parents, who lived only 5 miles away. My kids were the first grandchildren for Gram and Grandfather.....yes, I said "Grandfather". I don't recall how that title came about 35 years ago, but everyone in the family, and even friends of grandchildren just know him as Grandfather.

One of my Dad's biggest hobbies has alway been woodworking. Starting with me, the oldest, he has made hope chests for all his Daughters & Grandaughters. Over the years he has made me countless pieces of furniture and hung shelves in every apartment and home I've ever lived in.

a bookshelf for a Grandson going off to college

He and my Mom have made hundreds of decorative wood items over the years for church fairs: he cuts the wood, she paints.

My two sons spent a HUGE amount of time with Grandfather in his garage workshop over those early years, starting with small, age appropriate projects and working up to bigger and better things. Not all of these items have survived the last 25 years, but look at all this I pulled out of storage yesterday to show MY Grandkids. They were very impressed! And Son enjoyed reliving all the memories, too.

Lots of vehicles, of every variety

and look at this customized Star Wars case, all wood and decoupauge (remember decoupauge?)

Over the years, our family has become heavily populated by females: 15/6

Grandfather's family head count:
3 Daughters, 1 Son
8 Granddaughters, 4 Grandsons
4 Great-Grandaughters, 1 Great-Grandson

The time span between the last Grandson (19 yrs.) and Great-Grandson (4 1/2 yrs) is 15 years, so it was time for Grandfather to remember what it's like to have a small boy in the workshop once again!

A few days ago, Grandson & I drove 90 miles to spent the morning in Grandfather's Garage.

There were safety instructions first

and then he got to use the drill press.

There was painting to do

and hammering

and when the morning was over, a very happy boy had made several Christmas gifts. For Sister, a desktop holder for new markers

For his Dad and his Pop-Pop in Ohio, dinosaur key holders (the pattern for that dino was drawn by his own Dad 25 years ago at age 8 for one of his own projects)

What a good day!

and Grandfather's Legacy will live on in yet another generation.....


Bethany said...

Nicki, you have the most precious posts! I remember a few fun moments of hanging out in Grandfather's Garage too, although I was probably just watching and not actually building anything. I've always loved how wood-y it smells in there!

Shannon said...

You made me cry...

a fan of anything chocolate said...

Great family history! My father also was very handy but moved to FL when our son was still pretty young but they did share a few sessions at the workbench. We still have the birdhouse they made together about 25 years ago. Your father is very talented - he should open a wooden toy business!