December 31, 2009

Soup Heaven

Here's a suggestion for your next party or family get-together: A soup and sandwich bar.....

This was a HUGE hit last Sunday, 2 days after Christmas. We had an extended-family-after-Christmas-party at Daughters house. We always potluck our family get-togethers in some way or another and this time the menu was " bring a pot of your favorite soup to share and any sandwich fixings you have on hand for our sandwich grills"....oh, and dessert, too: "bring any leftover Christmas goodies you want to get rid of"....
We had 8 different pots of soup!

Each person filled out a name card label as they brought in their pots of yummy goodness!

We used styrofoam cups for serving so that everyone could taste each one without getting too full of any one kind. As you can guess, this was SOUP HEAVEN for me since I'd be happy to eat soup every single day! I just started on the left and worked my way down the row....and then started over again! I think the Sausage Chard Potato was my favorite (great recipe Aunt Paula!)

We had 4 sandwich grills set up for a make-your-own-creation sandwich bar.

There were a good variety of breads and cheeses.

There was leftover Christmas ham, tuna salad, rotiserrie chicken, and deli meats.

I made a fabulous grilled cheese out of pesto sauce, fresh tomato slices, and mozzarella on crusty sourdough.

The handsdown favorite soup was Son's Prime Rib Dinner about making good use of Christmas Dinner leftovers! He pureed roasted vegetables and scalloped potatoes, added beef broth to thin it down, and then cubed up the last few slices of prime rib and simmered it for a little while...WOW! Who would have thought that would make one of the best soups we'd all ever tasted!

We had lots of dessert to choose from, too: leftover Christmas cookies, candies, and cake.

What a great way to use up all your Holiday leftovers by potlucking it all together with those you love!
(note to Rissers: we sure missed you guys.....we're doing this Soup Party again for sure the next time you come down for a visit, even if it's the middle of summer!)

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Grace and Joy said...

Oh good! We'll look forward to it, even in 100° murrietta. I was waiting for this post to see all yummyness. The only advantage of not being there is the missed calories!
♥the Rissers