December 10, 2009


Leave it to a 4 and 6 yr old to point out things you hadn't noticed....

As we were decorating the house for the Holidays last week with our combined decorations (Daughter-in-Law's and mine) the two little ones are at that age where every single thing, down to the last minute detail is just so interesting. They want to hear every story behind every ornament, especially if they belonged to their Dad "when he was little"....."who made this one?"... "is that made out of a real nut?"...."why is this reindeer made out of pretzels?" Since about 3/4 of my stuff is handmade, either by someone in the family or from a craft fair, I have a lot to tell about most of these things.

As we were arranging everything, Grandson said" Mimi, you sure have a lot of Nativities!"

Do I? I hadn't we took a little inventory and and sure enough, without even realizing it, I have a nice little collection:

I've never had a traditional set, but my Mother gave me this the first Christmas I was married, 35 years ago

Mary and Joseph lost their halos to small toddler fingers years ago, but this tiny wooden set is still my favorite. It's so small, I can't believe it wasn't lost long ago!

And this was my very "first married Christmas" ornament

Bought at a craft fair, I love this wooden Nativity Family

(9" tall)

I made this family myself many years ago from felt, fabric, and embroidery thread.
I always intended to make the rest of the set, but, well, you know how that goes.....


And this is my all time favorite, sculpted by My Sister out of clay. Each Christmas she would give me the next piece to add to the set. (I think there was an angel, too, until my wiener dog got hold of it one year....)

(2" tall)

The same Sister quilted this 12x12 wall hanging that I carefully iron and hang every year.

Somewhere around here I have a complete set, including animals and a stable, in felt soft sculpture that I can't seem to find this year. I'm pretty sure it was so popular last year that I left it out after the holidays and it got absorbed into the everyday toys.

And of course we have the wonderful Fisher Price Little People Nativity that plays "Away in a Manager". Who doesn't love this set?

Last year Fisher Price came out with a matching ornament which I had to have, of course...too cute!

Here's a Nativity-themed post I wrote last year

Now that I realize I have a collection, I'm going to see what I can find to add to it. I think I even have time to MAYBE make something handmade for this season. ...

I wonder if I could convince My Sister to make me a new angel after all these years...

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Grace and Joy said...

The ones that you made are my very favorite. I love Joseph braid beard. All my kids have had fun with the tiny Jesus in the felt hay.