December 19, 2009


I know that all kids love to spend time in the kitchen and my Grandkids are no exception. Grandson (4 1/2) has told me on several occasions that he wants to be a "Chef guy" just like his Uncle Jordy. AND he wants to be just like Chef Julian. Do you know Chef Julian? I don't know who this kid or his parents are, or how we happen to come accross his videos, but
go here and take a look at this kid in the kitchen.

Recently Grandson and I were home alone and he was helping me make 3 batches of Sugar-free quick bread for 3 of my friends, all diabetics.

We had earlier watched some of Chef Julian's videos so it was fresh on his mind. As he measured and stirred, it was "Chef Julian" this, and "Chef Julian" that, and "Chef Julian cracks eggs just like this".......

When we started on batch #3, he suddenly sighed, looked me in the eye and said "Mimi....this is just too much cooking...." and wandered off to watch SpongeBob.... Too much cooking? One hour and three batches of quick bread?

I didn't have the heart to tell him about Uncle Jordy's 14 hour days, all spent entirely on his feet in a hot kitchen. I figured I could at least wait until he's in Kindergarten to break his little wanna-be Chef's heart.

And speaking of Chef Kids.....a co-worker asked me to make a "real" chef's apron (personalized) and chef's hat for her grandson's birthday. It turned out so well that I made a pair for the two youngest Grandkids and took orders at a Holiday craft fair.

I only got one order, which was fine with me only 8 days before Christmas! I'll be posting these on Etsy after the first of the year.


personalized chef apron and chef hat


oh, I almost is Grandson's favorite recipe to cook, mostly by himself:

Ethan's Italian Eggs

Get basil from the garden and wash it really good. Stack up the leaves, roll them up and slice them with a knife and then chop them up.

Crack 3 eggs in a bowl. Put in the basil, some parmesan cheese, garlic powder and salt. Then add a spoonful of cottage cheese and stir it up.

Get a little frying pan and get it hot. Put a little bit of butter in it and let it get melty. Pour in the egg stuff. Stir it around until it's all cooked. (be careful because the pan is really hot!). Put it on 2 plates, one for you and one for someone else. Make toast.


a fan of anything chocolate said...

The aprons are adorable! How do you do the personalization?
Have a Merry Christmas!

Nicki Parker said...

I don't have a machine that will do embroidery so I just use Print Shop and creat a "label" with the name and a little chef hat logo. Then I print it out on the fabric sheets that I use for printing photos. Cut out the oval shape, iron it on with some fusible webbing and then applique around the edge.....