November 14, 2009

guest blogger, beginning sewer

Today's post will be written by a guest blogger: Granddaughter #4, age 6 (with some help from Mimi, of course)

Hi, my name is Grace. I have been waiting a long time to be six because Mimi told me she would teach me to sew when I turned six years old. All my bigger cousins already learned and I really wanted to learn, too. Last week was my birthday and I got my ears pierced and I didn't even cry, but my eyes got real watery.

And I got to help decorate my own cat cake that Mimi made for me.

I reminded Mimi that I'm six now so when can I start sewing? Today just Mimi and I were home by ourselves so today was our sewing day. First I learned all the important parts of the sewing machine. I was really nervous because Mimi told us a story before about my Gram when she was 4 yrs. old. Little Carmelita didn't listen to her Mother and put her fingers in the sewing machine while it was sewing and it sewed through her fingernails. I really like to hear that story but then it made me nervous when I had to work the sewing machine by myself. But Mimi promised that if I just mind all the rules, I wouldn't hurt myself.

First I practiced really slow on some paper with lines on it. It was really fun! After the first line I didn't even want Mimi to help me anymore!

I did 2 pages and then Mimi said it was time to try it on fabric and I got a little nervous again. I was afraid I might make a mistake. I have a new baby cousin that's getting born next month. I am making a blanket for her. Cousins are kind of confusing, but I think I get it now. Even though the new baby will be my cousin, Mimi won't be her Grandma because the baby is from my Mom's family instead of my Dad's, so my Nana will be her Grandma instead of Mimi. I have lots of cousins and Grandmas and stuff but mostly I get the point.

Sewing the fabric was really easy! I told Mimi she could go in the other room and I would call her when I got to the corners. She said I was doing really great!

Then I had to iron it and that iron really scared me! Mimi told me the same thing, that if I just minded the rules I wouldn't hurt myself and she stayed right next to me just in case. I was very careful because I could tell it was really hot and it made some noise that I didn't like but I did really good with the iron, too!

Then I had to sew all around the edge of the blanket with pretty blue thread. I wanted to use some fancy stitches that look like little flowers. That took a really long time and actually it was kind of boring.

Mimi said next time we'll just use straight stitch since it's faster and it's more fun for me anyways. It sure did look nice when it was finished, though!

SEE!!! Look what I made! It's all finished!

I hope Baby Hayden will like her new cupcake blanket! I'm going to give it to her when I get to go see her after she's born.

I LOVE SEWING! I'm really a sewing girl now, just like my cousins and Mimi and Shan!!

I love that sewing machine so much I wanted to use it some more, so Mimi cut me some scraps and while she was making dinner she let me use it all by myself while she was in the other room. I only had to ask her 2 questions!

Look what I made by myself! Some scarves for my dolls!

You know why else I love that sewing machine so much? Look what it's called.....

GRACE!! Just like me!

Next time Mimi goes to the fabric store I'm going to go,too, so I can make blankets for all my dolls, because I'm a sewing girl now!


Kathi D said...

Oh, you and your Mimi are going to have so much fun! Congratulations on learning to sew! And Happy Birthday!

Grace and Joy said...

Good job Grace!
love, Brooklin

Megan said...

That's my girl! I'm one proud Momma! =)