July 27, 2008

Baby Shower x 3

This afternoon I'm going to a baby shower for my co-worker who is expecting triplets in early October, two boys and a girl. I haven't seen his wife since they announced their exciting news so this should be fun! She is only 5 1/2 months along and apparently already looks like she is ready to deliver!! This is a couples shower at my boss's house for just the 10 of us who work together, so I'm looking forward to this.

This is my gift..........

I started with this LARGE tote bag ( think how much stuff you need to lug around for just one baby and multiply by 3!):

I made a second set of flannel blankets (first set is here):

(Dad loves camping and woodworking)

OF COURSE I made 3 little aprons (see here):

Dad is an ANGELS baseball fan, so I found 3 onsies:

I needed to give them some of my favorite children's books:

(Mom is a second grade teacher)

and I even included some doggie treats for "big sister" Maggie-moo, their australian shepard, who has been an "only child" for 3+ years now....

I made it all fit in the tote bag:

So I'm off to have some appetizers and off-duty socializing with the people I spend every day with........How many people get to attend a baby shower for triplets!! This should be great!

Congratulations Keith and Christine! You're going to be great parents!

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Caitlin Shirley said...

you know that by posting these pictures, you are setting a standard for future baby showers in our family? . . . and we have a lot of people who have the potential to have lots of babies. Looks like fun :) I'm sure the new mom will be/was blessed.