June 17, 2008

Studio dreams....

Several times on this blog I've mentioned how much I dream of having a sewing "studio". I even just love the term "studio"! It sounds so artistic and professional.

It would be a large space with several different kinds of sewing machines, a cutting table area, ironing area, lots of storage for FABRIC and PATTERNS and projects in different stages. An office corner would be nice, too, for a computer and whatever else a studio needs........

I enjoyed a little taste of what this might be like this past weekend when I had the house to myself for 5 days. I dragged all my sewing stuff downstairs and set up my "studio" in the family room/kitchen in front of the big screen T.V. (that was a bonus I hadn't considered! I'll have to factor in a big T.V. for the future studio!) I set up the cutting area on the kitchen island. I set up my machine on our huge dining room table. I lined up the intended projects......AND I HAD A 3 DAY SEWING BINGE!! It was so nice to just leave things out at the end of the day and it was all waiting for me in the morning just as I left it!

I embellished a set of kitchen towels for Daughters new kitchen :

I made 4 dishtowel aprons for the (open any day now) ETSY shop:

I made 3 flannel blankets for a long-time co-worker who announced recently that they are expecting TRIPLETS!!! 2 boys and a girl! (I am so excited for them! He says I will be the "office" Mimi !)

...and lots of cutting! I hate the cutting part, but with so much space to work in and a big screen T.V. to watch, it wasn't so bad. I got quite a few future projects all cut and ready to go.

Part way through all this my Viking machine, my $800, less-than-a-year-old Viking, seized up! I took it immediately to the repair shop where I had to leave it for the next 10 DAYS! NOOOO! What bad timing!

WELL...... in my future studio I would of course just use one of the many other machines that would be on hand, so I dug out my long neglected, trusty old Kenmore that I got 33 years ago on my 18th birthday!

I oiled her up, somehow found all her accessories, and got back down to business. And for the life of me, I don't remember why I thought I ever needed a new machine! She (are all sewing machines female?) just hummed right along and did a beautiful job. She appliques even better than my new, fancier Viking! I didn't realize how much I'd missed her!

While looking for Kenmore's accessories, I came across some real treasure! Several boxes of forgotten fabric, patterns, and unfinished projects, including a little dress I started on Daughter's 1st birthday (she just turned 34!). Thinking of the future studio's organization and storage, I collected every sewing related thing I own and put it all together in a small area of the garage.

I've had such a good, productive time playing "sewing studio", but it's time to put everything back upstairs in my room.....the family will be coming home tomorrow...(YAY!!)

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Sharon said...

I sure wish I'd have kept my old green Kenmore - I'm sure whoever nabbed it out of the garbage is still rejoicing over the great machine they found, LOL!

I have an extra bedroom set up in our house that I call my STUDIO - and it really is heavenly having that space all to myself. I hope your dream comes true!