June 23, 2008

Mimi's Sewing Class #2

This past weekend was the second Mimi's sewing class with 2 of my granddaughters plus a friend and one of my nieces. Two girls are intermediate sewers and 2 are beginners, so we had 2 sessions:


I took #1 Granddaughter (almost 13) and her best friend fabric shopping 2 days earlier. So many choices! They each picked something completely different and we agreed on a pattern, since this would be a first for me too.

(we made view B, the red/white one)

This project taught them about using fusible interfacing, turning inside out, top stitching, and paying attention to the pattern (since I ignored some of it initially and had to go back and re-cut and re-do the bottom myself!)

Both girls worked pretty well with minimal supervision. This pattern actually was very easy and the girls think they might want to make more for gifts!

In less than 2 hours from start to finish we had 2 lovely purses and 2 very pleased girls!

(oops! note to self for next time: teach them about matching stripes....)
#3 Granddaughter (7 yrs) and niece (11 yrs) picked out 2 flannels each.
This is a perfect beginners project: 2 yds. each of co-ordinating fabric. Trim edges even, pin together and sew once around. Trim corners, turn inside out and press.
Edge stitch all the way around again, closing opening. VOILA! finished.....and 2 very pleased beginners with lovely finished blankets!
(she hopes to be a designer someday!...)
Granddaughter had actually done this once before (see here) and ran off to bigger and better things before I could get a photo, but look how pleased Niece is!
Stay tuned for Mimi's Sewing Class #3! We'll be making Pound Puppies........


Caitlin Shirley said...

Looks like so much fun. I be my sisters wish they were there. . . I know it looks like something us older cousins would have loved a few years back as well. Way to go Mimi! :)

Sharon said...

Alright! Four more budding sewers added to our side :-) Looks like they all did a great job and their final items turned out fantastic. Not only have you helped them begin a journey of creativity, but you've created some fabulous memories.