June 14, 2008

Shameless Self Promotion?

My D-I-L Megan suggested that I should make myself an apron for advertising purposes, using my business card, and carry some of the cards in a special pocket. So I did exactly that! I enlarged my business card, printed it onto fabric, and appliqued it on the front of the apron.

I added some photos of the grandkids on the pocket just to show what I can do with photos.

I wore it today while I was out and about, doing errands. I wore it to JOANN fabrics and noticed several people really looking at it, but because the store was unusually quiet (the big "Firefly Sale" starts tomorrow) I didn't get a chance to have any conversation with anyone, even the usually chatty fabric cutters.
Then, at Walmart I sort of forgot I was wearing it until, wondering why so many people seemed to be staring at me, I remembered "oh yeah! I'm wearing my apron!". In the fabric department, My Apron started the perfect conversation with another customer about her friend who makes fancy aprons for gift shops in Del Mar! She gave me a few good ideas, too! Then the fabric cutter said " you know, I get a lot of people asking me for aprons and we don't carry any! Well how about that! And I just happened have a bunch of business cards to give her. She put them under her counter and said she would certainly give them out the next time someone asked (fingers crossed!)..........
Mission accomplished! A little shameless self-promotion. (Also a few awkward moments when 2 different people though I was a Walmart employee just because I was wearing an apron! One was a customer and one was an employee herself! I mean, come on, my apron does not look anything like a Walmart apron!!
Megan, I'm officially making you my VP of Marketing! Keep those great ideas coming!
(now I just need to teach you how to sew)

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Bella said...

Very good idea! and it's so cute too....