July 26, 2008

Back-to-School with #1

Today was my back-to-school outing with granddaughter #1 (see here).

#1 will be 13 yrs. old in a few weeks. She'll be in the 8th grade.
(HEY! Wait a minute! 13 yrs. old? A teenager? No,no,no,no! I absolutely refuse to be the grandparent of a teenager!!#*&#!) excuse me... I had a little panic attack for a minute there.....

#1 chose lunch at Souplantation:

Then to Wal-Mart for some school supplies

and hair supplies

and Target for a new backpack

She also picked out a short sleeved hoodie, plaid bermuda shorts and a tank top.

This was a quick outing....she knows exactly what she likes (or not) so decisions don't take long! And she was anxious to get to the movies with her best friend to see "MAMA MIA!".

What a different dynamic from last year! I forgot how different things are when that teenager thing starts happening!!

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