July 19, 2008

Back-to-School with #2

With a new school year fast approaching, I will be taking each grandchild individually on a "Back-to-School-Outing with MIMI". I always look forward to some one-on-one time with each of them. They'll each get to choose either going out to lunch or dessert and some shopping for a clothing/shoes item and some school supplies/goodies that they want (hey! Mom can get them what they need!)
Today #2 granddaughter got to have the first outing. She has been pretty much isolated for the past 2 weeks with a serious ailment, and now that she is back to feeling like herself again, she deserved the first special day.......
#2 is 11 yrs. old and will be in the 6th grade. She chose lunch at PANDA EXPRESS, just I like knew she would. That girl would live on the Orange Chicken if she could!
Then shopping at Wal Mart, where she picked out 2 pairs of capris, a tank top, a lunchbox, a new journal (she is quite the budding writer of short stories), and various basic pens, pencils, and papers.
...and all through our outing there was MUCH conversation with this quieter middle child, who often feels like she isn't heard above the volume of older and younger sister.
Back at her house, we enjoyed another hour to ourselves, just the two of us, watching recently re-discovered videos of herself as a baby and little girl. What a joy to share memories with her from her perspective and adding my own to her birth-video (I was there) and all the birthdays and special occasions that seem so long ago to an 11 yr. old and her Mimi..........
Just the two of us, laughing and sharing memories....there's nothing better than that in the whole world!


Kathi D said...

What a great tradition! Thanks for the cute photos, too.

Raike said...
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