July 25, 2008

Sports Fans

Something seems to be happening here with my little apron business....I may have discovered an untapped market in the handcrafted apron world!

Last year I designed an apron my for my son, a rabid "Angels" baseball fan.

I showed it off a little and sold two just like it over the next few months. The "sports team apron" idea got me several more custom orders.

New York Yankees
Denver Broncos (reversible) I sold two of these
and a soccer apron in the style of a fondly-remembered childhood team (green and white stripes) for a 70-ish gentleman.

I also made a San Francisco 49ers apron (my favorite one so far, I think) that I forgot to take a picture of, darn it!

Now that I've opened my ETSY shop, I've posted about my CUSTOM SPORTS APRONS and am seeing a lot of interest again! Just this past week I made a San Diego Chargers

and am working with someone on a possible UCLA Bruins.

Since I am NOT a sports fan, I rely on my adult son to help me come up with the designs.
Who would have ever thought I would be making sports-themed aprons? I guess you just never know where things will lead you!
Do any of you sports fans, or anyone married to a sports fan need an apron? I can certainly make one just for you.......

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