July 9, 2008

A list for the 3 day weekend...

I am a list-maker.

I make lists every day, several times a day, for many different reasons. I have so many things bouncing around in my brain at any given time that I need to write them down, in list form, so I can stop thinking about them, knowing I have them on paper.

I have a note pad in my bedside table so I can write things down if I wake up at night, thinking of something I don"t want to forget.

I am a bookkeeper/office manager during the day and have sticky notes all over my desk.

I have left myself brief lists on my cell phone voice mail when I don't have pen & paper handy.

I carry this notebook, my "List Book" with me at all times. I have perpetual, ongoing lists in this book that I am constantly adding to:

right now in this book are these lists:

Potential sewing projects
Potential craft projects
Books to read
Movies to rent
Songs to download on itunes
Things to do on my Wednesdays off
Places to go/things to do with grandkids
Recipes to try
Things to buy/do when I have the money
Apron ideas
Apron orders

(hey! I just made a list of lists!)

In my purse I have temporary lists of things like:

things to ask/tell my son when I call him this weekend

things to ask /tell my Mom when I call her

Grocery/Walmart list

phone calls/ e-mails to take care of

Every morning when I get to the office I make a list of what I'd LIKE to accomplish that day. As the end of the workday nears, I make a list of what I'd like to accomplish when I get home.

On Fridays I make a list of what I'd like to get done over the weekend, both necessary (cleaning, fixing, etc.) and fun (sewing, crafts, cooking).

But, hey! Please believe me when I say these lists hardly ever get completed! I am absolutely NOT rigid about my lists. In fact, there are times when I never even look at it again, after I've put it on paper. I just feel better knowing I have it written down so I don't have to mentally try to remember all these things!

So..... all this was just the long way of mentioning what projects I crossed off my list for the past 3 day weekend.....(3 days always seems like so much time! Still not enough time to accomplish everything I want to)

I tried something new.....I made aprons from some colorful bandanas I found at Walmart and some wide ribbons. I'm really happy with them! I'll definitely be making some for the ETSY shop.

I made a purse-bag for a co-workers birthday. This went over so well with several people at the office I think I'll try some of these in the ETSY shop as well!

I made a new cover for my ratty old ironing board, following a tutorial I found on one of my new favorite blogs, GROSGRAIN GARAGE. I'm going to make one for Daughter this coming weekend (......writing down on weekend list)

I also had plenty of family time! A swimming party/potluck (with the ususal over-abundance of great food) at My Sister's house.

............not much crossed off the 3-day-weekend list, but a little bit of all my
favorite things = THE BEST KIND OF WEEKEND!!

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Kathi D said...

I love all your projects!