July 20, 2008

Bird with Attitude

We have a bully in the backyard.

This little guy has obviously never learned to share! I know they can be posessive, but come on! This guy spends most of his time actually sitting on top of the feeder, chasing off anyone who dares to come near!

Even with his little birdy bad attitude, I knew something was up, since the nectar level always went down too quickly for just one greedy little bird. This is a 4 cup feeder and I'm filling it every 6-7 days!

So I executed a little surveillance........and sure enough! All the other hummers have apparently gotten together and made a plan......A lone hummer comes along and lures Mr. Bully away. As he chases off after him, all the rest swoop in and quickly have their fill and are gone before Mr. Bully returns! HA! Tiny little brains planning some tiny little teamwork!

Tomorrow I'm putting up 2 more feeders just to mess with Mr. Bully! We'll just see how he handles that!

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