May 10, 2009

new shoes

4 yr. old Grandson is a very sweet boy. He's very complimentary, always notices things, and tries very hard not to hurt feelings. For a 4 yr. old he's quite tactful.

Apparantly, he doesn't think my new Land's End sandals are feminine enough......

E: "Mimi....WHY are you wearing those shoes?!"

Me: "They're new. I just got them today. Don't you like them?"

E: "Well...they're um...they're um.....well, they're not very pretty!"

Me: "Oh No! Really? Are they ugly?"

E: (making a yucky face) "Well, I think Uncle Chad has some just like that...."


Kathi D said...

I am hesitant to say this, lest it be taken wrong, but my BFF Susan has two grandsons and we are always watching for signs of gayness in them, as we joke that what could be more wonderful in our dotage than to have a fabulous (grownup) gay grandson to come over and do our hair and shop with us?

Anyway, if one of them noticed our shoes, we would be ecstatic! So far the best we have is that one of them enjoys setting the table. Ho hum.

Kathi D said...

P.S. I always tell Susan when she visits them that she needs to hold one on her lap and page through Vogue. I don't think it's working, though.

Nicki Parker said...

Kathi D., you absolutely crack me up!!

FYI: Grandson is the only boy in a family with 4 older girls and we finally no longer allow him to dress up in the princess dresses when they are playing together. He now willing wears either the pirate suit or policeman.....(but he still notices ladies shoes)

Virginia Janet said...

You had a nice conversation.!! No doubt... Your new shoes are really beautiful.