May 21, 2009

it's my birthday...again?!!

Okay. Now wait a could it possibly be my birthday next week already?!! Didn't I just have a birthday?!! I'm not even finished being traumatized by turning 50 and now I'm already going to be 52?!! What is going on here? With all the technology these days can't someone figure out a way to stop this? I was just 30 for heaven's sake! I still feel 30(ish).....(but I guess that would be weird since my kids are 35,33 and 28......don't know how that would work). I keep repeating to myself "you're only as old as you feel, you're only as old as you feel", which was working until I recently started having......HOT FLASHES!! What the heck! I mean, my Grandma had hot flashes and she was OLD! How could this be happening to me? I know I have 5 grandkids, but I also was a mother at 16, so once again....WHAT THE HECK IS GOING ON HERE?

I actually never really feel my age and always think of myself as 50 years YOUNG, until something rudely comes along to remind me, like a birthday, or needing to carry around a battery-powered fan in my purse!

Some other recent rude age reminders:

** Oldest Grandaughter is starting HIGH SCHOOL in September.....AAAUGHHH!!
** Daughter recently refered to 70's music as "oldies" (?????)
** Son observed the fact that in less than 2 years all of my children will be in their 30's (WHAT?!)
** I'm getting junk mail about cemetery plots, hearing aids, and incontinence supplies!!!
** I found a box of LP records that my kids used to listen to and when I asked the grandkids if they wanted to listen to a record with me, the answer was "what's a record?"
** I was reading a book to 4 yr. old grandson and he asked me to "press pause" while he went to the bathroom.

on a positive note.....

on a recent visit to the grocery store with 4 yr. old grandson, the Checker thought I was his mother!....YESSS!! That woman has no idea how much she made my day! ......but now that I think about it, she was about my age, so she probably recognized how I was feeling and was just being kind.....whatever.....I"LL TAKE THAT COMPLIMENT ANYWAY!!



Lory said...

I hope you have a wonderful birthday. Also, I nominated you for the attitude of gratitude award.


Kathi D said...

Oh foo, you are a Spring Chicken! Happy Birthday!!