May 11, 2009

It's National Wear Your Apron Day!

"National Wear Your Apron Day" is always the day after Mother's Day.

I actually got brave today and decided what the heck, it's only an I wore an apron all day today at the office:

I even wore it to the Dentist! I got several compliments and even handed out a few ETSY business cards that just happened to be in my pocket.....

This wasn't even one of my own aprons! I decided to wear my new favorite apron made for me for the Hot Mama's Fiesta Apron Swap by Kellie Cotton. It's so colorful and I knew it would attract some attention, which is weird since I NEVER want to draw attention to myself! I guess I just feel different in an apron, sort of a "Domestic Diva SuperWoman!"

Hmmmm.....maybe I could wear an apron every day, a different one to match every outfit?

On second thought,I know some people who would start questioning my sanity...... so never mind!