May 9, 2009

feeling crafty........

For Mother's Day tomorrow, we're having a family Wiffle Ball Tournament at the nearby Dog Park and then coming back to our house for BBQ hamburgers and all the fixings. There will be at least six MOM's here and I wanted to make a little something for them:

I dug through my photo archives and with a little help from Daughter and her scrapbooking and photo expertise, I turned these notebooks from the 99cent store

into these special journals for each person.

I found just the right photos for my Mother, Sister, Daughter, Daughter-in-Law and her Mother.

I'm really pleased with how these turned out! Just a few little notebooks, photos, pretty paper, and spray adhesive! I'm already thinking of future possiblities for these simple little gifts (co-workers, grandkids teachers?).....Crafty... simple and crafty, don't you think?

And speaking of crafts, I've created my own version of a craft/sewing apron. I know there are many, many versions already out there, but all the ones I've seen are half-aprons that tie around the waist, and that is not comfortable OR flattering on me! I like full aprons, so I made a shorter version of my usual pattern and added several specific pockets. I designed it just the way I'd like it and then made a few more for the ETSY shop.

There's a small pocket up high for my Ipod:

And 3 different sized pockets across the bottom: one sized for a cell phone, one I use for my tape measure and thread snips, and another for whatever else you might like to have close at hand.
So, if you been wishing for a craft apron that doesn't tie around the waist, I'll be posting these in my ETSY shop in the next few days (and I could make YOU one out of any type of fabric you choose...)


Lory said...

Oh, I love those journals!!! I bet they were super happy to get them. Kudos also on the aprons, very pretty.

Happy Mother's day!


Sarah said...

You've been crafting up a storm! I am a big fan of the journals too.

Sorry I'm such a bad commenter! I love seeing what you do though!