June 20, 2009

new family heirloom

At the beginning of May, my sister in Seattle and her two young daughters decided to try making a quilt for the first time. They wrote about it on their blog here.
When Daughter read what her Aunt and Cousins had made, she decided she had to try making a quilt, too. In less than a week she had whipped up this masterpiece! Then a few days later she made this one!
The last few years she has been very supportive and appreciative of all the sewing projects I've made but none of it inspired her to dig out her long-buried sewing machine.....UNTIL NOW!!....THAT GIRL IS ON FIRE!! Boy has she been bitten by the sewing bug big time! By the end of May, only 4 weeks after her first one, she had completed 2 quilts (except for the free-motion quilting, due to being unable to find the right foot for her ancient machine...more on that later), cut out all the pieces for 3 more, and unbeknownst to me....MADE THIS FOR MY BIRTHDAY!!!

Now keep in mind, this was completed only 5 weeks after she decided to "try" making her first quilt!
The theme of this quilt is "Martha's Vineyard", commemorating the trip we took together in April to visit Son/Brother. She used photos from our trip
She found fabric with shells & stones just like the ones we collected on our travels.
She found some with the shellfish that are so plentiful on Cape Cod
And even found this toile, which has actual scenes and places from Martha's Vineyard itself

The back of the quilt is special, too.

This beautiful work of art is now hanging on my bedroom wall where I can look at it every day and be reminded of our wonderful trip together and of what a lovely Daughter I have!

Isn't this going to be the best family heirloom ever?


Anonymous said...

That is fantastic! Looks like the crafting talent runs in the family!
The fabrics are beautiful.

Jerri Morales said...

I love this Marthas Vineyard quilt, would love to know how you did the photographs in the fabric. After seeing this I want to post a photo of a sport t shirt quilt I made for my daughter about two years ago.