December 12, 2008

What would Martha do?

I have been making english toffee every year at Christmastime for the last 28 years. I've given away the recipe many times and many times had people tell me that their toffee didn't come out right. Well, I've always assumed they did something wrong because mine always comes out great.....until last year! I don't know why but it was soft and grainy, even though it still tasted like toffee should taste. We ended up eating some of it with a spoon and I think I threw the rest away.

Well, today was day 2 of my annual Christmas candy-making marathon and guess what? The toffee didn't come out right!#%!&!!

same recipe!
same ingredients!
same pan!
same spoon!
new candy thermometer!

What the heck!!! It was soft and grainy but smelled and tasted really great, with it's chocolatey top layer and buttery bottom. BUT IT WASN'T CRUNCHY TOFFEE!!

So I ignored it while I made some Sugar & Spice Pecans, hoping it would somehow fix itself while I wasn't looking.....and then this idea popped into my head..... TRUFFLES!! .....why not? it was worth a try. How bad could it be since it still tasted good. And I WAS NOT going to throw away a pound of butter and 2 1/2 cups of sugar!

Soooooo.......I cut it all into squares

and rolled each square into a ball

and rolled each ball in finely chopped nuts....... new invention: "Almond Roca Truffles"!!!

All my taste-testers loved them and said to "forget the toffee, just make more of these!".

Oh great! Now watch....I'll never be able to replicate my mistake again!

Honestly, these things just might be the best things I've ever eaten.

Now what? I guess I just have to hope that my toffee turns out wrong again tomorrow when I make another batch.........
next day: Of course batch #2 came out fact, it just might be the most perfect batch of toffee I've made in 28 years! DARN IT!!!!


Caitlin Shirley said...

way to go! those look great! i wonder if you could replicate that by just not cooking the candy as long.

Lory said...

They look yummy!!!


Megan (PoopWogParkers) said...

I'm soooo lucky I got to be the very FIRST tast tester of these babies. :) I think they may even be BETTER than the traditional almond rocha!

Lucy said...

Genious! Holy cow that is fabulous. Now I just need your toffee recipe. :o)