December 10, 2008

tell me about your Traditions....

It's that time of year once again, the time of year overflowing with traditions. I do so love hearing and reading about the traditions of other families. Like snowflakes, no two family's traditions are the same. Even within a larger family group, the smaller family units tend to take the traditions they grew up with and tweak them to make their own version.
Now that I've discovered the world of Blogging, I've found an endless source of so many variations of every kind of Family Holiday Tradition that it boggles my mind!

Let me share a few of my own favorites with you.......

Parker Family Christmas Traditions

Every Christmas for the last 28 years I've made plates of candy to give as gifts to friends, neighbors, and co-workers. I now also send them along to my adult children's co-workers and in-laws. I usually make 7-10 different kinds, arrange them on a sturdy holiday paper plate, wrap in colored plastic wrap and tie it all up with ribbon.
I always make peanut butter bonbons, coconut bonbons, apricot truffles, english toffee, sugared pecans and fudge of some kind, and then add a few new recipes, too. Last year I tried cookies-n-cream fudge. I have made in the past: pralines, cashew brittle, mint fudge, mocha truffles, butterscotch fudge, peppermint truffles.

One year I decided to not do this (for some reason I don't remember) and my family almost disowned me!!

During the week between Christmas and New Year, my household invites family and friends for a day of tamale making. Both of my sons, my daughter, and I each make a different filling. We have the masa dough already prepared and everyone rolls up their sleeves and helps shape the tamales.
Because this can be a day-long affair, we have a table laid out with all kinds of munchies: soups, homemade pizza, dips and spreads, and cookies. When the day is over and the tamales are finished, everyone gets to take home an assortment of different kind of tamales.

We've made BBQ pork, spicy beef, artichoke/red pepper, shrimp/sweet corn, chicken/chile/cheese, and even apricot pineapple!

Now that all my grandchildren live nearby, I've started a new tradition. This year will be the second annual MIMI'S CHRISTMAS SLEEPOVER.
The weekend before Christmas, all 5 grandkids come over (while their parents go out together for a fun evening by themselves!) Each child puts on the matching p.j.s that I've made them and we take a group photo that I will use for my (late!)Christmas card. I give each of them their gifts from me. I get to enjoy them opening the gifts away from all the chaos of Christmas morning!

We have dinner, usually everyone's favorite, Tostadas!
We play Christmas Bingo, taking turns being the caller.
We make snacks: Jello popcorn, chocolate dipped pretzels, english muffin pizzas.
Sleeping bags are spread out over the family room and we watch a Holiday movie while eating our snacks. Last year we watched 'How the Grinch Stole Christmas". This year I think it's going to be "Eloise at Christmastime".

If you've blogged about any of your traditions, tell me in a comment so I can visit your blog. I'd love to read about yours....or if not, just tell me about yours in a comment.

After all, Traditions are what family is all about, don't you think?

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I do think it's what it's all about... here's mine!