December 4, 2008

We interrupt this blog for a commercial message.....

O.K. I'm thinking this might be a weird thing to post about, but I have 2 new items (new to me at least) that I am currently obsessing over and I'm going to tell you about them, even though they are actually small and insignificant ....but right now I'M LOVING THESE TWO SILLY LITTLE THINGS!!

#1. 2.5 gallon zip-loc bags

How have I never seen this size before? These things are GREAT! They're huge! I can put entire sewing projects-in-progress in one of these: many yards of fabric, notions, pattern, etc. all in one bag! Then I line up all these "bags of projects" in a laundry basket...VOILA! instant organization!
These are going to work great for organizing some of the grandkids toys that have a thousand pieces and for storing sweaters in the off-season. I'm actually looking around the house to see what else I can use them for......
Oh! and in the kitchen I fit 2 entire racks of ribs in one bag for marinating!!!
#2. 5x7 spiral notebooks I've confessed my need make lists in a previous post (here) and these things have saved my life! (well, o.k....I guess I'm being a little over dramatic?) Lets just say they definitely make my life run smoother.
I keep one of these in my purse at all times to write down stuff: important dates to transfer to my calendar at home, movies I want to rent, blog ideas, songs I want to download from itunes (you know, you're in a store and hear a song playing and think "I need to put that song in my ipod" and by the time you get home you can't remember what the song was? NOT ME! I WROTE IT DOWN IMMEDIATELY IN MY LITTLE FRIEND!)
I have a constant grocery list going on the inside cover and things I need to get done over an upcoming weekend.
I keep my list of sewing projects in here, too, in case I see some good fabric somewhere and I need a good reason to buy it......
The obsessive part is I only can use one of these at time but I keep buying more when I see a color or pattern I like. But eventually I'll use each one up and need a fresh one, right???
Well I hope that didn't make me seem too ridiculous.......come on.....I know you must have something silly you really love like this, too, don't you?
Tell me what little things you can't live without. I'd really like to know! (and then I won't feel so silly....)


Megan (PoopWogParkers) said...

Now that you've actually blogged (! LOL :D) about the spiral notebooks, I guess this is my chance to thank you for the one you gave me because its FANTASTIC! I love it. I use it everyday. I have actually gotten some stuff that I've been putting off/forgetting about accomplished! YAY! Thank you for such a simple, yet really important gift! xo~D-I-L

Kathi D said...

I have an insane love of notebooks and paper goods in general.

I have used the big ziplocs for projects but thanks for the idea of organizing them in a laundry basket!

Stephanie @ My Answered Prayer said...

Ooh I'll have to check into the 2.5 gal bags. That would be great.

I love the 5x7 notebooks. They are so great to throw in my purse and I keep my orders going in one.

bernadette said...

How can i purchase the chargers apron??