December 16, 2008

Christmas Candy 2008

Every year I save 2 vacation days to use for my Christmas candy-making marathon (see here). It usually takes me 3 days, working in 3-4 hour increments (or as long as my feet and back can stand it) to get it finished and packaged. Every year I look forward to this tradition and by the time I'm finished I always say " I'm NOT doing this again next year!".....but I always do......


clockwise from the top:

Peanut Butter Bonbons
Almond Roca Truffles
Black & White Coconut Bonbons
Sugar & Spice Pecans
White Apricot Walnut Fudge

English Toffee
Oreo Peppermint Patties
center: Potato Chip Haystacks

I tuck a little menu in the package (I always wish SEE'S would do that!)

15 plates of candy ready to deliver to co-workers and friends. (and plenty of everything left over for my household to munch on and any holiday guests throughout the rest of the holiday season)

And I'm NOT doing this again next year!!!

oh, of course I will.......


Megan (PoopWogParkers) said...

All I can say is....YUM! haha It's a good thing I know where all this deliciousness is stashed. How lucky am I? I get direct access to the FABULOUS new creation of the "Almond Rocha Truffle".....I know everyone is jealous. LOL :)

Kathi D said...

Oooooooh, that looks wonderful!