September 9, 2008

Soothing Therapy

There's nothing like completing a project of some kind to give me immense personal satisfaction!

When I'm feeling down in the dumps or stressed out or even just hormonal, working on, (and completing!) a project or two (or ten!) is real therapy for me. It can be a sewing project, something crafty, or even culinary, it doesn't matter which one. It's the sense of accomplishment that feeds my soul.

I've had a busy week..........
PROJECT #1: Chalkboard initials for each grandchild to hang on their bedroom door.

I painted around the outside edge of each letter with leftover paint from each of their bedrooms.

Project #2: Hairclips, barrettes, and a headband for #3's 8th Birthday. 3 and 4yr.old helped make these.

Some with flowers:

Some with bugs (yes....BUGS!) She loves bugs and thought these were "really cool".

She couldn't wait to wear them to school and see who would be the first one to ask if she knew she had spiders in her hair!

Project #3: Matching horse vests for the "twin cousins"

Project #4: "Leather" vest with tiger "skin" lining for Grandson (he chose the fabrics)

PROJECT #5: An Apron for my sister, the proud mother of a Marine (my nephew) who was in Afganistan 3 weeks ago, but is now in a hospital in San Diego with his back broken in 5 places, 2 broken ankles, some broken toes, and much pain and recovery in his future. The key word here is recovery. He will recover, praise the Lord! Even with all the thoughts and prayers and e-mails and phone calls, I felt like I needed to do something tangible, so as silly as it might seem to make an apron, it was therapy for me to make something for my sister. (Ellen, if you're reading this, I'm bringing it to you on Sunday)

I also spent some time in the kitchen doing some culinary therapy.......I'll post those projects tomorrow.

After cramming all this "therapy" into the last 5 days, I should be the sanest, most well-balanced person around, don't you think???

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DaiseyB said...

Nicki, I am Barbara York and was your partner in the apron swap. I didnt put a note in the box as I was in such a hurry to get it mailed. Please let me know if you recieved it and if it was OK.