September 11, 2008


Look at this BEAUTY that came in the mail yesterday from Barbara in Amarillo, TX ! It's reversible, too! Just look at these beautiful fabrics!

I just love being part of the Sassy Apron Swap. This was the Fall swap and this time we gave some information about our likes and dislikes. I mentioned that I liked purple and this shade is my favorite. It must have been pretty obvious how pleased I was with it because 3 yr. old Grandson, who has seen me with many, many aprons said " Mimi, this is your FAVORITE apron!! And you love purple!"

The swap was to include a recipe for pie and a hotpad or potholder. I can't wait to try Barbara's Caramel Apple Pie, which just shouts cold weather time to me (I'm sick and tired of this hot weather!)

And look how good Barbara was to me! She sent me a whole box full of extra goodies....

1) A cookbook: "Christmas Gifts of Good Taste" (How did you know Barbara? One of my favorite things in the world is making food gifts for Christmas!)

2) a Nautical themed windchime

3) Cute teapot notecards

4) a wonderful new apron pattern (I'm already planning to use it this weekend...)

After catching up on Barbara's Blog and e-mailing each other I can see we have several things in common: our love of sewing projects and spending daily time with young grandchildren. This is a bonus I hadn't expected from these apron swaps....making new friends all over the country!

Barbara...I can't thank you enough for all the delightful treasures and my new "favorite" apron.....You've really made my week!

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Yarni Gras! said...

gorgeous apron and great goodies to boot!