September 1, 2008

back to the old grind...........


This has been the longest time I've taken off from work in the 25 years I've been there! 10 whole days! (5 vacations days, a weekend on either end, plus Labor Day). it has been FABULOUS!! I hope I remember how to do my job tomorrow......

Earlier this year I was off 9 days (5 days plus 2 weekends) because of the San Diego Fires. It seemed like the whole world was on fire for a while and I didn't go to work for an entire week; the freeways were closed and I couldn't get there! That was not a relaxing time off, believe me.

So what did I do with the remaining 4 days after returning home from the vacation away? Pretty much nothing at all and I like it that way! I have a constant struggle with feeling like I should be doing something "productive" all the time, that I'm often wasting time. Since 98% of my free time is my own, with no one to answer to, you'd think I'd get a grip on that wouldn't you. I'm working on that!! See the quote at the top of this blog? I'm really trying to take that to heart.

This is how I spent the last 4 days:

I "cannibalized" a huge stash of magazines that have been piling up: I tear out recipes, decorating and craft ideas, inspiring stories , and anything else I feel the need to save. The rest goes in the recycle bin. I had a whole years worth of 8 different magazines! (and of course I do this while catching up on the TV shows I've missed)

I sewed 9 blankets to donate to Binky Patrol.
I made 5 of my favorite flannel blankets

and added appliques to 4 fleece blankets that I bought a few years ago for $3.00 each on clearance.

I re-prioritized all the sewing projects that I need to complete in the next month and took inventory of what supplies I still need to finish all of them.

I spent WAY too many hours on iTUNES and playing around with my new iPOD....Daughter should have never gotten me started down that path....I really didn't need one more reason to be on the laptop. I already stay up way too late every night as it is!#$%!!#*!

I spent Sunday evening helping chaperone oldest Granddaughter's 13th birthday SLUMBER PARTY! Daughter definitely needed a little moral support with ten 13yr. old girls in her house from 3:00 p.m. Sunday to 12:00 p.m. Monday! (I know, I know....Granddaughter sent out the invites before her mother got to see them)

...and I finished off the holiday with some COTTAGE CHEESE RANCH BREAD made in my bread machine (love that thing!)

and a delicious salad with garden tomatoes, eggs, and COSTCO ROAST CHICKEN, (one of the best things ever invented, by the way!)

Hi Ho, Hi Ho, it's off to work I go.....(it's been a really great 10 days)

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suzbinky said...

Those are gorgeous binkies! Thanks so much!

Susan Finch, Founder
Binky Patrol Comforting Covers for Kids