August 3, 2008

Mad Men on TV

Have you heard of the show "Mad Men" on the AMC channel?

WOW!! I had heard of it but paid no attention until now. They were showing a marathon before the new season started this week and I thought I'd just watch a couple of episodes and see what all the talk is about and WOW!! It completely sucked me in! I watched all 14 episodes over a 24 hour period (and got a lot of sewing done!) and was completely mesmerized!

It takes place in 1960 and is about an Ad agency and all the lives of the men and women involved. It's definitely about the seamy side of the 60's but it's whole 60's thing that facinates me. I was very young in 1960 but I remember the world being EXACTLY like that! Everyone smokes, including pregnant women and mothers holding their newborns on one arm with a cigarette in the other hand! And the drinking! Holy Cow!

The pill was very new and there were no seatbelts in cars. Most women didn't work after marriage and the divorced woman moving in up the street was a HUGE scandal! All the sets and clothes and every item in every scene is so exact. Where did they find all this stuff?

Anyway, I'm obviously impressed! A new episode is on tonight and I can't wait!

If the early 60's interests you in any way check it out!!

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