August 22, 2008

Gone Fishin'

Well, not really fishing, but tomorrow morning I'm leaving for a weeks vacation. I'm going to "the River" with my son and his family.......

I am NOT a hot weather person (see here). I don't like any activity that requires hanging around in a bathing suit all day........and yet, I'm going to spend 6 days at Buckskin State Park in Parker, AZ!!

Let me explain.......

All my life I've known people who go to "The River" every summer. The thought of this has never interested me at all. My adult children, however, feel VERY differently. My son and his family have become bonafide "River Rats" over the last several years and last year bought a very nice trailer for their river trips.

Last summer they insisted that I go with them and I LOVED IT!! I had the best time and no one was more surprised than ME!!! It was great to just sit in a lounge chair all day with a cold beverage and lots of reading material. When it gets too hot you just move your chair into the water and sit there instead! And the trailer has lovely air conditioning for when 110 degrees starts to feel like 1000 degrees! The campground is great,too. Nice bathrooms and hot showers. There's a little grocery store/restaurant/gift shop and a playground.

This summer they have a new boat, too.

This is "Boaty" (named by 3 and 4 yr.old SpongeBob fans)

I'm all ready to go:
Lots of reading material?.... Check.

Lots of sun protection?....Check.

Lots of cold beverages?....Check.

I'm off to sit in the SHADE, get caught up on my reading, and spend lots of fun time with these two delightful people.
I'll take to you when I get back!!

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